Heart burn also called as acid indigestion is a not a life threatening disorder, but is a symptom causing discomfort or burning sensation in the chest. It is caused when the acid in the stomach flows backward into the food pipe or the oesophagus. Read More
Gallstones are small stone like objects within the gallbladder. They are formed by an imbalance in several chemicals that the liver normally secretes (which normally aid in the digestion of fat). Gallstones are very common, one out of five adults have this condition. Read More
A Hiatus Hernia is a sac containing abdominal organs (most commonly part of the stomach) protruding from the abdomen up into the chest. Read More
Tumours (abnormal growths) of the stomach can be malignant (cancer) or benign (not cancerous). Cancerous growths of the stomach are uncommon in Australia, but very common in many Asian countries. Read More
Obesity is extremely common in our society and there are many problems that are either caused by, or worsened by, obesity. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, gallstones, heart disease and vascular disease. Read More
Tumours (abnormal growths) of the oesophagus (gullet) are uncommon, however in Australia; the incidence of oesophageal cancers is growing faster than that of any other cancer. Most oesophageal tumours are malignant (cancerous). Only a small percentage is shown to be benign (not cancerous). Read More
Keyhole Surgery, also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery, is surgery performed using long thin instruments inserted into the body through small cuts (incisions). These small incisions, which are typically 5 – 10mm in length, replace the traditional long incision (which can extend over 30cm). Read More
A hernia is a sac formed out of lining of an organ that comes through the hole or weak area in the wall of a muscle, tissue, or membrane that normally holds an organ in place. Hernias are more common in in certain parts of the body such as the abdomen, groin and upper thigh area, and belly button area. They also can occur in any place where you have had an incision from surgery. Read More
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The adrenal glands are situated at the back of the abdomen, one on either side of the body positioned at the top of each kidney. They produce various important hormones to regulate various important bodily functions. Read More
The spleen is situated in the upper left part of the abdomen and is involved in the haematological (blood) and immune systems of the body. Read More
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