Outpatient services – Consultations

At Melbourne Gastro Oesophageal Surgery, outpatient services are payable on the day of the service. The costs are listed below.

Private Health Insurance companies do not pay for outpatient consultations. There are medicare rebates available with a valid doctor’s referral, also listed below, but these do not generally cover the whole cost of the consultation. Where possible, we will endeavour to process the patient’s medicare rebate electronically to allow the rebate to be received within 3 working days.

There are discounted fees for pensioners, concession card holders and health care card holders, also listed below.

Usual consultation fees:

Initial consultation – $190 (Medicare rebate $72.75)

Review consultation – $95 (Medicare rebate $36.55)

First post-operative visit – no cost

Gastric band adjustment – additional $40 to above fees (Medicare rebate $83.30)

Discounted consultation fees for full aged pensioners card holders:

Initial consultation – $150 (Medicare rebate $72.75)

Review consultation – $75 (Medicare rebate $36.55)

Gastric band adjustment – additional $40 to above fees (Medicare rebate $83.30)

Inpatient services – Surgery

For an elective operation, the patient’s private health insurance company and Medicare Australia will cover some costs, but there is often a ‘Gap’, which is an extra fee, payable to the surgeon, which for most surgeries may be up to $500. Fees for each particular procedure should be discussed with the surgeon.

Private hospitals may also require payment depending on level of insurance. Patients should check with the hospital before or at the time of admission for the exact amount.

For obesity surgeries, fees are very different; please click the following  for information regarding obesity surgery.

For pensioners, concession card holders, health card holders and DVA Gold card holders, the ‘Gap’ for elective surgery is usually waived.

For emergency operations, there may or may not be an extra fee payable.  This should also be discussed with the treating surgeon.

For operations or procedures requiring an anaesthetic, there may also be an extra fee, a ‘Gap’, payable to the anaesthetist. The surgeon may be able to provide some information about this.

Obesity surgery in private hospitals is only offered to uninsured patients by MWLS in exceptional circumstances. The costs of surgery and private hospital admission can be excessive and unpredictable. Patients who do not have full Bariatric Private insurance cover may choose to wait until covered or ask their GP to refer them to a public hospital who provide a obesity surgery service.

For an admission to hospital not requiring an operation there are no additional fees to the patient payable to the treating surgeon. However, if the patient has an excess with your private health cover agreement this may have to be paid.

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