Dr. Salena WardGastric, Bariatric and General Surgeon

Dr. Salena Ward

Dr Salena Ward is a Gastric, Bariatric and General Surgeon who consults in East Melbourne, Box Hill and Bundoora. She has specialised training and experience with surgery of the stomach. She believes in thorough consultation about your particular condition and situation to provide the best treatment.

Salena provides the following services:

Many of the above operations can be performed by laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) if appropriate.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, The University of Melbourne, 2000
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Surgical Anatomy, Melbourne University Private, 2003
  • Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), General Surgery, 2009
  • Specialist Fellowship in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Box Hill Hospital, Melbourne, 2009-2011
  • Specialist Fellowship in Oesophago-Gastric Surgery, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2011-2012

Research Publications

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Oral + Poster Presentations

  • Ward S. "Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency Post Gastrectomy - A Literature Review." Oral Presentation. ANZGOSA Conference, Queenstown. Oct 2014.
  • Ward S, Mackay S, Cade R, Hassen S, Banting S, Gibson P. "Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency After Major Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery." Poster Presentation. Eastern Health Research Week. Dec 2013.
  • Ward S, Mackay S, Cade R, Hassen S, Banting S, Gibson P. "Pancreatic Exocrine Function after Major Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery tested with a Carbon 13 Mixed Triglyceride Breath Test." Poster Display. DDF / AUGIS Conference, Liverpool, UK. Jun 2012.
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  • Ward SM. “Operative Assessment: Is it appendicitis or not?” Poster display.Annual Scientific Meeting, Victorian State Committee, RACS. Nov 2006
  • Ward SM, Mobsby CJ, Wilkinson S. “Capsule Endoscopy: The Tasmanian General Surgical Experience.” Oral Presentation. Annual Scientific Meeting, Tasmanian State Committee, RACS. Oct 2005

Higher Degree:

  • Master of Surgery completed May 2013 with Monash University
    Title: Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency Post Gastrectomy, Oesophagectomy and Panceato-duodenectomy

Public Hospital Appointments

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne.
  • Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Eastern Health, Box Hill Hospital, Melbourne

Professional Memberships

  • RACS - Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • AANZGOSA - Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Gastro-Oesophageal Surgery Association
  • ANZHPBA - Australia and New Zealand Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association
  • ACMAV - Australian Chinese Medical Association of Victoria
  • ASAM - Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine
  • GSA - General Surgeons Australia

Private Consulting & Operating Locations

Dr Salena Ward

Mailing address:

Suite 301, Level 3
100 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne,
Victoria, 3002
Email: sward@mgos.com.au

After hours message service
03 8652 1958