Hiatus Hernia Repair

A Hiatus Hernia refers to the condition where part of the abdominal contents (most commonly part of the stomach) protrudes from the abdomen up into the chest.

The principles of repairing a hiatus hernia are to return the contents of the hernia back into the abdomen, and then to dissect and remove the connections within the hernia which are trying to hold the contents into the chest. Usually an Anti-Reflux fundoplication is performed in conjunction with this operation to support the repair and prevent the development of reflux symptoms (which is more common in patients with this problem).

This operation is performed with Keyhole Surgery and only very infrequently requires a large incision for completion.

If this operation is straight-forward most patients stay in hospital two or three nights after the operation. Sometimes after repair of a particularly large hernia it may take a few days for the stomach to ‘recover’ and return to appropriate function after the surgery.